About us

The company Quickcom was established to meet to all installation and service requirements of major national landline access providers/operators and is becoming a landmark in the industry due to its rapid, reliable, professional response. The Management’s 30 years’ experience in the business ensures that every problem is addressed a precise, timely manner.


The Certification, which allows us to operate in Telecom Italia urban exchanges along with the internal telephone systems we market, enables us to provide our clients with a complete one-of-a-kind service. Complete coverage of the region enables the telecommunications department to provide inspection, analysis, consultation and project planning services that meet the requirements of all our Customers.

We are also in a position to develop the projects we propose using our own personnel, provide technical assistance both on-site and by remote diagnosis and issue testing and warranty documentation for the products we market.


Our offices have been designed to centralise all data relating to interventions and monitor what every technician does at each job in real time. This provides us the certainty that the job will be successfully completed; otherwise we can immediately reorganise a second intervention when necessary, so the customer is always aware of how work is progressing and does not feel abandoned, as is often the case.



Our 1000 square metre warehouse meets our need to have sufficient space for all the material required to carry out the various intervention work without having to rely on the timescales of suppliers, which are always too long with respect to customers’ requirements. This enables us to carry out work within 3 days of an order being placed.